Monday, April 27, 2015

Still Here - Update

Well, this will be short. I just wrote a long entry and tried to preview it and lost it. Since my last post, most of my activity and research has been through Family Tree DNA with our cousin Sheila Swierczewski who has encouraged many family members to have testing and make their DNA results available.

We still don't have positive identification of Bridget McCabe or any clues suggesting offpspring of Maggie Munroe. I have also been disappointing not to find any definite new close relatives who are not already known. Did the brothers of Martin Munroe not have offspring that remained in this country. Did our branch of Munroes's die out in Galway? Or is it just that offspring of siblings of the parents of Martin and Bridget have not been interested in DNA testing. Did siblings who ended up in Australia have offspring? In time more relatives may be revealed. There are a lot of Munroes who came to America before Martin and Bridget but non who seem to be close relatives genetically.

If you found this blog and are searching for your relatives, please contact me and I will put you in contact with Sheila and let you know what is known. I intend to update the family tree found In the meantime, do check out the page of changes and corrections that has most of the info that is not updated yet:
-michael munroe 4/27/2015