Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cathedral Cemetery - Margaret Cordone

On Friday June 1, 2007 Paul E. Brown wrote with this news:

"A call today to Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington, was interesting and informative. Very quickly the woman in the office confirmed that Martin was indeed buried there.

[Martin Munroe] is in a three grave plot in which 5 are buried. In the old days they allowed double interments. . . Here is the information that she did give today:

There are two Martins there, one buried in Nov. 1910 which would be our great grandfather, and another buried in 1900 which is probably Martin and Bridget's son. Bridget is there buried in 1898 and William (another son?) and surprise surprise Margaret Cordone buried in May, 1911 (the *mystery daughter?).

*Margaret Monroe the fourth child of Martin Munroe born in 1877 in Wilmington, Delaware: Absolutely nothing had been known of the life or whereabouts of Margaret until this discovery. Now, if only we had some idea where Maggie got the name "Cordone" and why she died at the young age of 33 and why her siblings never told the next generation anything about her.

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Sheila said...

Hi Michael; I sent you a 'gmail' about Maggie...I hope you get it. I'll repeat it here. She died of pulmonary tuberculosis in Philadelphia on April 29, 1911, was married (to Joseph I guess); her funeral was at the Church of the Assumption in Philadelphia. I'm so relieved that she has come out of the darkness and into the light where she should have always been...and just in time for Easter too...a Resurrection of sorts. Love to you and your family, your affectionate cousin, Sheila and all of the Swierczewskis