Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grandmother Mae Green

On 10/14/2006 John Davis mentioned in an email:

"I will always treasure my memories with him and of the stories I heard from my Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ernie, Mary (Mae) Green –my Grandmother and of course my Mom and Dad, Bob and Marie Davis. Add to that list, my Mom’s sister Geri Buckwalter (just had knee surgery last week-and I know she is disappointed she can not be there) and Paul Brown and Betty Brown-Campanella. The list is endless.

One quick recollection, I remember my Grandmother Mary (Mae) Green – Daughter of Mary Munroe Brown, telling me that just after the influenza pandemic of 1915-18, where they (The family of Mary Munroe Brown and Rubin Brown) lost several children.

My Grandmother was taken ill. She told me John would come over and sit at the foot of her bed and read stories to her.

She was probably 18 or 19 then, John would have to had been 5or 6 years old.

(based on the assumption that this was just after 1918 – say 1919-1920 ?)"

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