Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Frank P. Monroe

(Frank Monroe and his grandson Bob)

On Tuesday 2/20/2007 Bob Monroe wrote:

". . .I knew & spent more time with Grandpap than either of my sisters. I would walk with him to the bus stop when he was leaving after a visit. We never knew when he was coming or when he was going to leave. He would stay for two or three days and then leave.

I always gave up my bed for him and slept on the floor during that time. I always liked him . He would always tell me "Bobby, A man is only as good as his word"

[Frank Monroe d.1947] was struck by a car as he was stepping from a curb in Ambridge. He was taken to the Rochester Hospital and passed away a short time later. He passed away in the hospital. Uncle Mike was at the funeral and I sat with him.

Grandpaps daughter Mary Louise
[youngest child of Frank Monroe d. 1937] was killed in an automobile accident her senior year in high school. The accident happened in Meadville, Pa. My grandfather said very little about his family. Never heard him mention his Dads name. . ."

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