Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michael John visits Akron, Ohio 1950

(This picture is from Akron, Ohio in 1950. Michael, Bob and Willis in the back row Emma and Mary are two of the women in the middle row and Marian and Sadie are in the front row.)

On Monday 2/19/2007 Bob Monroe also wrote:

"I remember Uncle Mike coming to visit my grandfather. We did not have a car at the time They would ride the bus from Rochester to Beaver Falls. We were living at 1511-5th ave when I first met my Uncle Mike.

At a later visit, when we owned a car we traveled to Akron ,Ohio and Uncle Mike saw his sister Sadie & her husband Charley. I believe his sisters name was Sadie. I have a picture somewhere of the two of them from that visit & when I locate it I will send it to you and you will be able to share it with others."

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