Tuesday, September 11, 2007

George Green

On Wed 10/18/2006 John Davis wrote:

". . .Mom has corrected me in a couple of details. (1)

George was a Master Machinist, and not a Master Mechanic by trade, although I’m sure you see the overlap as you must understand the nuances of machine art. I think what amazes me the most is that he could MAKE any tool he needed.

Wow, Talk about teaching a man to fish,….teach him how to make tools and he can have unlimited dreams.

The other correction (2)is that he did make a telescope and ground the lenses by hand; But no recollection of binoculars’ or the Navy. I may have that memory crossed over with something else. Mom recalls that on many occasions some members from the Fells Planetarium would come down and they would gather in the back yard. . ."

On 10/22/2006 John Davis added:

". . .Going thru my Grandfathers’ old tool box was a magical mystery ride. It was a revelation deconstructing his dreams and hopes of using this and that odd fixture or tool. Ancient bunson burners and pipe fittings, odd metals and chisels, files and believe it or not I found at least 15 pencils that were 3 inches in length or less. I guess growing up in the Great Depression, you used EVERYTHING until it was completely spent. . ."

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