Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Emma Young Monroe and Charles Young

(Emma Young was the wife of Willis K. Munroe)

On Thursday May 3, 2007 Bob Monroe wrote:

"This picture was taken in the back yard of the last home my dad & mom owned. It was taken probably in 1958. The address is 510-8th ave.-Beaver Falls, Pa. It was in an area called Patterson Hgts. We had moved from 1405-2nd ave to this home.

I can remember how good my mom & dad felt moving into this home. The home on 2nd ave was a good home for the family; it was tough neighborhood. The block that we lived in had Italian families, Polish families, German families, Irish families and we had probably one of the first displaced families from Europe after World War 11.
I can remember how the kids would get into fights and the parents would not get involved in them."

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